To move further down the value chain and to cater to smaller retailers for smaller quantities, Shalimar’s launched its own brand Auseto in 1990 and forwardly integrated into distribution where it now stocks over 25,000 parts sourced from 600+ manufacturers from 15 different countries via its own warehouses, franchise partners and dealers in Dubai, Germany, Nigeria and South Africa and many others to help you get access to our products much faster. Contact us to know from where all can we ship almost immediately.
Over the years Shalimar has developed a highly professional supply chain and has created a sophisticated state-of-the-art warehouse management system to be able manage an inventory of 10 million parts, 25,000 individual SKUs and 65 different product categories to ensure the delivery of the right part to the right place at the right time to all its customers globally.
Our product range covers spares for Trucks, Trailers, LCVs & Cars, Agricultural implements, Three Wheelers, Earthmovers. Tractors and includes Grease and speciality oils and Tyres and Batteries too.

Why choose us in comparison to other distributors?

1. Buy products at factory prices sourced from 15 countries all under one brand with immediate delivery anywhere in our catered regions that is Europe, Africa and Middle East.
2. AUSETO is a renowned brand and known for its durability and lasting performance with roots that go back upto 30 years.
3. Has its own B2B online store with over 100,000 products in multiple languages that our customers can use to order online, check stock availability, view order status, browse products, avail promotions along with a mobile app to always stay connected.
4. Over 6 additional brands in multiple product segments specialized in their own fields such as AGSERO, HQ8, TRACTEC, TUCKWELL, TEMBY & SHALIMAR.

Truck Parts

Our range for Truck Parts has an extensive range for European Trucks but also covers a wide range for Japanese, Indian and American Trucks

Trailer Parts

We have a wide range for both heavy duty trailers and light duty trailers. We stock all kinds of Axle, Suspesnsion, Body parts and accessories for all of these trailers

LCV & Cars Parts

We have an extensive range of Japanese, Indian & Korean applications along with many European and American applications aswell.

Tractor Parts

We have an extensive range for various international and indian tractor brands. Our range covers all kinds of Engine, Suspension, Hydraulic, Body parts, accessories and Linkage parts

Agricultural Implements

We have an extensive range of agricultural implements that covers machinery for all stages of farming that includes Tillage, Landscaping, Seeding, Plantation, Harvest, Post harvest and Haulage.

Earth Moving Parts

We have an extensive range for various international brands that appeals to most global applications.

Three Wheeler Parts

Our range at the moment only covers parts for Indian makes of three wheelers such as and many more.

Greases & Lubricants

We mostly many different kinds of greases for all kinds of automotive and engineering applications along with Brake Oil, Gasket Shellac and Grinding pastes

Solar Solutions

Shalimar is a leading brand for all kinds of solar products. We design, develop, manufacture, supply and install a comprehensive range of solar products.

Our product range mainly includes.
  • 1. Solar Power Plants- On grid, Off grid and Hybrid
  • 2. Solar Water pumping systems – 0.5HP to 30 HP
  • 3. Solar Streetlight systems- Conventional and Integrated type
  • 4. Solar Lanterns, Home Lighting systems & Mobile Charging systems- Both consumer and community based
  • 5. Solar Modules, Inverters, Battery Packs, Mounting structure and other BOS.

With a strong partner base and over 10 years of experience in this field we offer a complete on stop solution for all your solar needs and have customers India and overseas. With an experienced team and like minded professionals we aim to drastically change the global landscape with our solutions.
Solar solution is an initiative of the Shalimar Group based out of New Delhi, India. A brief company profile is mentioned below. Solar is one of the many leading brands that Shalimar sells for Truck and car parts, electrical items, Engine parts, Lubricants and more.